Advertising Guidelines

   Thanks for your interest in using The Power Line Magazines for advertising. Below is list of guidelines for placing an ad on our Website.


1. Power Line Magazine is a non-denominational Christian based magazine and is designed for people of all ages.

2. The Power Line Magazine reserves the right to review and refuse any advertising campaign that conflict with our values and beliefs. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising that is sexually suggestive, vulgar, or divisive and advertising that promotes gambling, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, or anti-Christian organizations or business.

3. When advertising with The Power Line Magazine the client agree not to discuss the terms of the contract (including contract length, quantity and rate) with any other party. Failure to keep terms confidential may result in termination of the contract.

4. The Power Line Magazine will not allow ads to link to sites that conflict with our values and beliefs.

5. The Power Line Magazine accepts advertising of all subject matter deemed acceptable for our audience. However, advertiser content can be removed at any time if The Power Line Magazine deems the linked to content negatively affects or portrays of The Power Line Magazine.

6. All payments made are final if all aspects of the contract are fulfilled. If any part of the contract is broken, billing and payment for the remainder of the contract will still be due. The Power Line Magazine has the right to deny any potential client of advertising space based on the above guidelines.

7. These guidelines may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you.


Advertising Rates

Below are for One Issue (Two Months)

Three Issue (6 Months) Contact 10% Discount

Six Issue (1 Year) Contact 20% Discount

Ad Type


Cost Per Issue

Gospel Artist Listing



Classified Ad By Category



Business Card (Horizontal)

252X144 pixels


Business Card (Vertical)

144X252 pixels


Banner (Horizontal)

612X180 pixels


Banner (Vertical)

180X612 pixels


Quarter Page

306X396 pixels


Half Page (Horizontal)

612X306 pixels


Full Page

612X792 pixels


Ad prices based upon ad being ready for insertion (Photoshop or Word Format). All ads needed to be at 150dpi. Ads included One E-Mail and/or Website link, $2.50 for each addition link.


We can Design ad's for you at $35.00 per hour.


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