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   I first met Heather in June at The Kentucky Southern Gospel Music Singing Convention in Cave City, Kentucky.
   My first impression was: “an exuberant, perky, nice looking normal  teenage American Girl”  I was surprised.  She is not a teenager (I won’t tell her age).  She is anything but normal.
   At the age of 18 months old Heather was signed to a modeling agency that started her in modeling and runway. While continuing to do that, she took up tap and jazz dance classes at the age of 2. She started singing in church by age 4 and went onto competitions around the area. She was runner up in the American Princess pageant in Columbus, OH and started doing print work for the department store Value City.

She was acting and doing commercials by the age of 5.She was acting and doing commercials by the age of 5. She had been signed with 3 different agencies between the ages of 18 months and 5 years old.

   Her first demo was recorded at the age of 12 with the help of her older sister and freshman year became home schooled throughout high school so she was able to travel more. She started becoming active in her church by singing more specials and becoming the Jr Church leader. At 16 she was approached by a local producer with an offer to do a 12 song CD. Heather went in and started to record a country/gospel album, but due to issues the album was never finished.
   In June 2011 she was hired to play the role of a fairgoer at the Ohio State Fair in the 2013 feature film 'Parker' starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez. In February 2012 she got hired for a Safelite commercial playing the role of a customer service representative. "I love singing, but I also love acting. I got the acting bug really young and I would love to keep going and do more things in that part of my career as well."
   All in all, I was impressed by the maturity, dedication and drive of this young girl.  Her latest album is titled: “This Is Who I Am”.  Of the songs included in her album, I chose “Fight To The Finish” to share with you.
   Heather’s home is in New Lexington, Ohio where she lives with her mother, Joyce.  Heather goes to college and helps her mother in a tax business.  Her mother helps Heather in her endeavors as well.  Isn’t that what family is all about?
   I interviewed Heather concerning upcoming projects.  You can see this video interview on the next page.  Heather’s website is listed below.  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.
If you have the opportunity to see her in concert or purchase her album, Do so!



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