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McClellan Sisters Picture We just received an e-mail that The McClellan Singing Sisters are taking a breakd from their ministry.
We are sorry to hear this and hope God blesses them in whatever future they decide.
Here is a partial copy of their e-mail. To see it in its’ entirety, click here for there facebook page.

After Tiffany's engagement last October, we began discussing the next step in our ministry in light of her (now recent) wedding.
We felt that it would be beneficial for for us as a family, and their marriage especially, to take a break.
We began singing in 1997 - 17 years ago. Our oldest sister Samantha was 11 years old, Tiffany was 6, Kimberly was 18 months, Jewel was a newborn, and TaMera wasn't even thought of!
With much deliberation and prayer, we have elected to take a sabbatical from singing and music ministry. We are not actively seeking additional bookings at this time.
However, there is a small number of events in 2014, previously scheduled, that we are going to fulfill.
At this time, we are not "quitting" singing. We have decided that when the sabbatical has ended, we are going to reevaluate our ministry, earnestly seek God's direction, and gauge if our music ministry as 4 sisters is to continue, or if God is bringing it to an end.
We want to thank each one of you for supporting our ministry and us personally. For becoming true friends as so many of you are.
Please take the time to read the rest of the this somewhat lengthy email, to hear what God is doing in the meantime.


Tiffany, Kimberly, Jewel & TaMera McClellan

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