James Crigger

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   We live in a time where many try and prove there is no God, or that God died, or just left us alone.
   “I WILL NEVER LEAVE OR FORSAKE YOU” is what Jesus said.  But, of course, if you don’t believe in God, you won’t believe in Jesus.
   Man can know there is a God the same way a Christian knows there is a devil.  You can see and feel the works all around us.

   How do we feel their presence?  Those who have lived a few years can see the presence of the devil by the increase of evil within the world.  We Christians also know this because The Bible tells us so.  Of course, they don’t believe in The Bible.    We know there is God because all of the creations in the world feel His presence within.  Our proof is more than just what we “feel”.  Our proof consists of what we see!  When doctors and medicine give up and one is healed, this is God.  When a stranger comes to you and offers you money or help when you need it, this is God.

   We also know there is a devil when we hear testimonies from such as Ted Bundy who said he heard voices that told him to kill.  The voices only stopped when he committed murder.  Psychologists may call it Schizophrenia.  The Bible calls it demon possession.  There are cases of “multiple personalities” that are mentioned in the Bible about “Legion”  This also is demon possession.    I have witnessed a man sounding and clawing like an animal.  We prayed for him and it stopped.  A woman who asked for prayer and when we began to pray, a male voice spoke. 

Shakespeare said “there is more on heaven and earth than dreamed of”.  But yet, we want to question and find explanation for what we don’t understand.    The Bible says to come as a little child.  A child does not question, they just believe.  When you grow up, you’re full of questions about anything and everything.  We don’t need to grow up, we don’t need to question or to know.  “Be still, and know that I am God”.

   Science has tried to explain God.  Atheist refuse to accept God.  Mankind wants to be God.  This was probably true prior to the Tower of babel.  God showed them!  God will show this generation as well.    We will know when the coming of the Son of Man (Jesus) by the signs spoken of in the Bible.  It is true, many have spoke of the coming of Jesus for many years.  However, many events leading to the time of His coming have only been possible in this generation.  We are the only generation with the technology to number every man woman and child in the world.  This has begun.

   We can see and feel the sun.  We can feel the wind.  We can see and feel water.  There are evidences of The Flood to be seen in the photo on our cover.  Science tries to explain all of this.    How does science explain that every human culture has an account of The Flood that has been handed down from generation to generation.  Every human culture has a concept of a higher power, a God.  They don’t understand it, they can’t feel it, but they KNOW it!

   Think about it.  If there is even a remote chance that there’s God and Heaven or Hell, why take a chance.  It would be much easier to love, obey man’s law and specially God’s law and feel more certain that your good life and good deeds will bring you to Heaven.  Isn’t that better than taking a chance on an atheistic dis-belief in God and having the possibility of winding up in Hell.

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