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   Sally Campbell Repass began her writing career in January 2010. Her first published book was a Children's Fairytale, 'Princess Kari & the Golden Haired Boy'.
   Later that spring, she started a 6 book series of Inspirational Romance. She followed with numerous other books, including a murder mystery, and a book of 'Animal Tales'.
   During this time, her husband, Paul, was battling Prostate and Colon cancer. She was his sole caregiver for almost three years. He passed away in November 2013. She wrote and published a book about his journey with cancer. 'Til Death Do Us Part' tells of the heartache and pain of losing her beloved husband.

   She started writing 'A Man Called Cain' over a year ago at the request of her brother, Bill Campbell, who is an avid western fan. This is her very first western.

   She used her parent's families as the main characters, only changing their names.
   This is her 12th book and is a work of fiction, outlining their journeys across the rugged terrain from Virginia to Oklahoma. Not knowing each other, Eli Cain and John Andrews wanted a better life for their families. Each family encountered hardships along the treacherous trail. With the drone of wagon wheels, they continued their journeys as they pursed their dream of carving an empire out of an uncharted desert wilderness.
   The families settle in Oklahoma and begin a new life. The children grow into adults and start a life of their own.
   Will Cain, becomes Marshal of Teardrop, Oklahoma, when he is only twenty-one. He doesn't like killing, but sometimes it can't be avoided. He faces death in the line of duty. Along with his deputy, Blake Jenner, they face many dangerous criminals. Things are different out on the prairie. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the man wearing the handcuffs and the man wearing the badge.


   Sally Campbell is a loving mother to 6 children, 7 grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. Most of her life has been spent caring for her family. For almost three years, she was sole caregiver to her husband, Paul, who passed away in 2013 from Colon cancer.
   She has always had a creative mind, writing poems, songs, and scary stories, when she was young. It wasn't until 2010, that she decided to try writing a novel. Now in 2014, she has published her 12th novel, and has no plans to quit writing.
   At the request of her brother, Bill Campbell, she has written her first western novel. This was more of a challenge but she loved every minute of it. She already has plans for a sequel.

A Man Called Cain

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