The Quartet was formed 30 years ago by twin brothers; Kenny and Kermit Haddox in Circleville, Ohio.  The vision of the group was to sing Southern Style Gospel Music to the lost and that desire and commitment has never changed.  Kermit is the manager and lead singer and the only remaining founding member. The motto of the Homeighters is: "We would rather pray with you than sing to you",  All members are born again Christian men with families and a burning desire to see the lost come to know Jesus Christ who makes all we do possible.  For Bookings and Informatiion Call 740-477-1326.

   We had the privilege of talking with Kermit Haddox, the groups’ manager and John Wright, their bass singer.   We were told that Brother Kenny Haddox has moved on to another ministry.  Kenny is now an evangelist who travels.  Every once in a while, laughs Kermit, we meet somewhere and get to sing together again.  In either case, both of the Haddox brothers are still active in their first love: The ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
   Their new CD: “He Loved Me With An Old Rugged Cross”, has brought great excitement to The Homelighters.  My personal favorite on the album is “Satisfied And Happy” .  I encourage you to visit The Homelighters Quartet’s web site and get your copy of their CD and pick your favorite song.  Their web site is
   The current members of The Homelighters Quartet are: Kermit Haddox, John Wright, Vance Tope and Greg Cline.  Kermit is retired; John is disabled; Vance is a Supervisor for a Furniture Company in Columbus, Ohio; and Greg is an Electronics Engineer.
   Indeed, God can take his children from different occupations; different religious up-bringing; different ideas and different personalities and convert them to one ministry.  Being like-minded and dedicated to working for the Lord.  This is The Homelighters Quartet.
   I’m sure you will also be blessed by the interview we had with The Homelighters.  To hear this interview in its entirety, just click here .
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