SCOTT CONT: The Lord’s been rally good to me and I’ve been afforde more opportunities than most people have had in their entire life.  I don’t take that lightly and I don’t take the responsibility lightly.  I wake up every day considering myself very blessed, thankig the Lord that I get to work in Gospel Music and in The Christian music industry.  I strive to do my best and my best for all the people we work for.


JIM: The last question.  Would you have any advice for the churches, the ministry today as to what is the best thing to do to get across the love and the message of Jesus Christ.
SCOTT: I think that we need to show more.  A lot of times we talk about love and the love that  Christ has for us and the love we should have for one another.  But I think that we should focus on “showing” the love.  There’s a lot of ways that we can preach to people and try and reach them.  I have found that the easiest way to reach and teach someone is by showing them the compassion and love and the grace that God has bestowed upon us and show that to our brothers in Christ.


JIM: Thank you Scott for taking the time to talk with us.  I have been inspired, informed and educated.  Keep up the good work!


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