by James E. Crigger
Buck Rambo celebrates his 80th Birthday with his family: Rambo/McGuire.  They’re keeping up a family tradition of song.

     Buck Rambo and The Rambos have been an icon in Gospel Music for countless decades.
     The Rambo tradition continues with his family as Rambo/McGuire.
     At left is Donna Beauvais about to present Buck with his birthday cake.  This occurred at the Daywind Showcase.
     It was a thrill and a surprise for Buck to be remembered in such a grand way in a place that honors the talent and effort of those like Buck and Rambo/McGuire.
     I had the privilige of talking with Buck Rambo and his wife Dottie Rambo back in 1985.  I have never forgotten!
When they began to sing, it was evident that the “Buck”

did not stop with The Singing Rambos.  It has continued to be a leader in Gospel Music through Rambo/McGuire.  I could continue to give favorable adjectives to describe the pleasure of hearing and seeing them perform.  However, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here’s a few pictures of the festivities at Buck’s 80th Birthday party.