Donna Beauvais Hosts

Daywind Showcace at NQC 2011


     One of the major highlights the the National Quartet Convention 2011 was the Daywind Talent Showcase.  This showcase was meant to be a presentation as well as entertainment for the media across the United States.  DJs Press and Television media were treated to a multitude of talent.  This concert was special because it offered a variety of styles and methods of singing Southern Gospel Music.

     I was specially impressed at the professionalism of the Showcase.  Donna Beauvais later told me she was nervous, it didnt show.  The Showcase went off as if Donna had been doing this all her life.
      Shown above, Donna is presenting John Berry who is well known in country and becoming better known as a Christian sharing the love of God through Sothern Gospel Music.
      Another artist that gave a lively performance was Wilburn & Wilburn.  I first interviewed John Wilburn a few years ago when he was with Gold City.  He now performs with his son.  It was a lively, energetic performance offering a large amount of charisma and connection with the audience.

Wilburn & Wilburn

   At right is Mike LeFevre of The LeFevre Quartet.  This photo was taken at the reception just prior to the Showcase performances.  The reception was not only a venue for meeting each other, but provided a breakfast that was most welcome to media and artists alike.
   As this was our first Quartet Convention, I found this mutual time of fellowship and sharing to be not only spiritual but educational as we had the opportunity of really getting to know the people whose music we know so well.
  I find it difficult to find words to express my pleasure with the Daywind Talent Showcase.  I think Ill just let a few pictures make up for the words.
            Jim Crigger
Editor of Power Line Magazine

Mike LeFevre
The LeFevre Quartet