Crimson River


     Ed Sharpe, Shirley Sharpe, D.J. Sigler, Nick Sigler, Mike Sigler, and Jeff Yeatts are the members of a group from Carroll, Ohio who are possibly a rarity in gospel music.

Crimson River is a LIVE band.

     We had a double privilige in July.  We visited the last Methodist Campground in the state of West Virginia, in New Haven, WV., The Union Campground!  There was plenty of food and later we attended The Union United Methodist Church where we met many friendly people and listened to the music from Crimson River.
     Chrimson River, as we mentioned above, is a live band.  They do not use performance tracks.  All music is live, provided by the members of Crimson River.
     They began as a church group led by their pastor, Ed Sharpe.  They now travel throughout central Ohio sharing their music and ministry.
     Before the concert, I had a short interview with Crimson River.  You can hear that interview here

     You will find them to be not only talented, but their personality is such as you would expect to find in any Christian.  You will find personality times 6 equals Crimson River!
     Ed and Shirley Sharpe pastor the River of Life Church in Carroll, Ohio.  The rest of the group are members of the congregation who shared their desire to reach out to others in a music ministry.  And Crimson River was born!
      It is interesting that half of the group consist of two brothers and their father: The Siglers.  Nick Sigler is referred to as “Mister Wonderful”.  To find out why, listen to the full interview above.
     The concert at the church was well received.  They were even asked to extend the time they were alotted.  An encore so to speak.
     Crimson River has a web sight under construction:  They also can be found at
     While listening to Crimson River, I turned my recorder on and captured a couple of their songs which I enjoyed greatly. The first of these include an introduction to the group by Ed Sharpe.  This song is titled “Over There”.  Another song that I enjoyed was “Soul Fillin’ Station”.  You can listen to these songs below.

Over There   and Soul Fillin' Station .
     In closing, I’m sure that Ohio is very proud of Crimson River and what they are doing in their ministry of Jesus Christ.  If you have the opportunity to see them or have them come to your church, you’ll be glad you did.  To contact Crimson River, Rev. Sharpe’s cell phone is 1-740-398-7764.  Tell them you heard about them through “The Power Line”.

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