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Thoughts on Christian Education by Pat Morris - Former Teacher & Pastors’ Wife
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A Letter To God by Annette Parker
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What Happened To The Apostles?

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Unto All The World!   Live, On-the-Street answers to Questions!  Hear their answers (w/photos)
Where Are You God? . . . I’m Waiting! by James E. Crigger
What God’s Word Says!



They say the road to hell is built with good intentions.  When you are presented with an opportunity to help someone else go through hard times or struggles, don’t substitute good intentions for what God as good counsel.  Sometimes “prophecy or word of knowledge” can become harmful if these words are not truly “inspired by God”.
How do you tell the difference?  True Godly prophecy is supported by the “Word of God”.  True Godly prophecy is also usually repeated by or confirmed by another.  A true prophecy also co-incides or confirms something God has already been telling you.  A true prophecy will come true!  It may not happen immediately, but if God inspired the prophecy, God will make it come to pass.  God is not a liar or deceiver.  The Devil is!
My suggestion is that when someone gives you a prophecy, or when you give someone else a prophecy, be certain that it is God, not good intentions.  How can you be sure?  Test the prophecy with the Bible.  If it is contrary to the Bible, IT IS NOT GOD!  Another tip is that God uses prophecy to lift someone up.  There have been occasions when a prophecy condemns but you must really pray that this is God and not YOU!
Be sure that your words and counsel becomes helpful, not harmful.  Pray a lot!  Even if a prophecy shows wrong-doing, remember: God means for words inspired by Him to bring about a positive outcome.  Even condemnation can help bring someone back to God if that condemnation is not used as a judgment or passing sentence on someone.  Only God can do that.