Jonathan Wilburn comes from a singing family beginning with “The Wilburns”.
   I first met Jonathan in the late 90’s when he was with Gold City.  About a year or so ago, Jonathan teamed with his son Jordan and began “Wilburn & Wilburn”
   It has been a year and Wilburn & wilburn are still going strong.
   They have a new album “Family Ties” and there are many wonderful selections to be found on their first CD.  It has been nominated for a Dove Award and was produced by Ben Isaacs or the well-known “Isaacs”.
   The group had its beginnings in the growing interest of Jordan in singing and his asking Jonathan if there would ever be a father and son group.
And now there is!
   Jonathan and Jordan are enjoying a dream many fathers would envy.  The opportunity to travel together, to get to know one another, and to share God and their ministry together.

   To hear my interview with Jonathan, click: .  If you would like to find out more about Wilburn & Wilburn, their web-site is
   Jonathan and Jordan shared a song at the NQC Daywind showcase.  Jonathan shares in his interview how that song: Mama came to Wilburn & Wilburn.  Listen to hear “Mama” .
   For more contact information, you can e-mail:  You can also contact Wilburn & Wilburn at: 1-256-504-4396
   Be sure and listen to “The Dynamic Duo” as Jonathan calls them, you’ll enjoy it!


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