Mark 209 is a group you can have fun with.  It is as if you’ve known them all your life, and I just met them!
   They look great, they sound great, they have The Spirit, they care and they’re committed.  What else can I say, I was impressed.
   I asked where the name came from and mentioned the book of Mark.  I was wrong.  Listen to my interview with Mark 209 and find out the truth about their name.



   If you would like to hear the interview, then click here:  .  You will be surprised by the answer.  You will also be blessed to find the Spirit within these men.
   The group Mark 209 consists of Nathaniel Justice, Jym Howe, Jimmy Reno and Joe Armstrong.  They are the first group I have found that state they have a “Morality Clause” thereby being certain of their committment to God. 

   They actually live in the white house.  Well, White House, Tennessee which is just outside of Nashville.  One other point of interest is they have performed with Ronnie Milsap.

   They have beautiful harmony and the songs they do are certainly up-lifting.  Watching their spirit as they perform is also up-lifting.
   Here are two songs that I like.  The songs are: “The Book Of Life”  and “My Home In Heaven” .
Check out their schedule and get more information by clicking below; e-mail them; or call them.  Whatever you do, don’t miss them!
Phone: 1-615-246-2667

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