To better introduce you to The Revelation Trio from Northern Ireland, here is a reprint directly from their web-site
   Revelation was born out of a vision that two young men, David Strange and Thomas McCalmont, shared a vision to reach out to the youth of today through a ministry of gospel music and testimony.
   After much prayer, seeking God's will, that vision became a reality when the Lord brought along a third young man called Andrew Calderwood who had just recently been converted from a life of drugs and alcohol abuse. Coming from such a background, Andrew shared the same burden to reach out to his peers with the message that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.
   I got the opportunity to interview one of Revelation’s founders: David Strange.  I have not met any man with more conviction and love than David.

   I would ask that you all pray for The Revelation Trio.  Imagine being in another country, speaking with an accent and telling us about Jesus Christ.  It could be very scary, couldn’t it?
   You cannot tell their accent in their music, and there is no accent in their witness.  I was blessed by my interview with David.  In my opinion, David indeed has the “fruits of the spirit”.  Love, meekness and all the rest.  Humility is very evident when you talk with David.
   To hear my interview with David, click here:  . I apologize for some of the problems with the audio.
   More than likely, Revelation is back home in Ireland.                   








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