Born with a bilateral hearing and speech impairment, Sherry Anne has went beyond these impairment and shows others that whatever God says you can do, you can do!
   From Upstate, New York, Sherry Anne is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and a certified fitness trainer.
She is a Doctor, Trainer, Singer, Actress and motivator.  Indeed, she is a motivator.

   As I talked with Sherry Anne, I was lifted up and carried away in a spiritual high that only comes from God.  God does want His people to be lifted.  This lift comes from people like Sherry Anne.  This lift is important in a world full of depression, conflict, fear and mis-trust.  We could all take a lesson from Sherry Anne.
   Within my interview with Sherry Anne you will find a heart-felt testimony to those who feel impaired or who are impaired.

   There is nothing you cannot do if you believe you can do it.
   This holds true for anything life throws at you.  You can do it!
   To hear my interview with Sherry Anne, click here: .
   Please visit Sherry Anne’s web-site at:  She can be found on facebook and on twitter.
   I have chosen two of Sherry Annes’ songs to share with you.  I trust you will feel the same spirit I do as you listen to “Keep On Prayin’”  and “Speak Your Name”  .
   Keep up the good work Sherry Anne!  We invite you to join us in sharing and praying for this beautiful ministry by this beautiful person: Sherry Anne!

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