The Shannons have been a gospel group for over 35 years.
   From Muncie, Indiana, their members are: James, Wilma, their two sons Shawn and Chris, daughter-in-law Stacey and Dustin, the first non-family member of The Shannons.
   They have not only traveled across the country and even into Canada.

   You can reach The Shannons on their web-site: and you will also find them on facebook.
   To hear my interview with Shawn and Dustin, click here: 
   They sure get around.  I first met them at The Northern Gospel Music Convention in Monroe, Indiana and then again at the 2012 National Quartet Convention.  Traveling in gospel music places you in a distinct “Family”.  Not only the family of God, but members of people and families that sacrifice much of their “home life” to serve the Lord.
   Although one might sacrifice that stationary “home”, you gain much more.  You gain the comradery, the fellowship and perhaps the greatest benefit is having friends everywhere you go.  You are never anywhere that you don’t find ones who love you.
   Their music shows their experience. It is well composed, practiced and carried out with the “perfection” we believe God requires of those who minister to others.  I have chosen one of their songs to share with you. Click here to hear: “Feel That Feeling”  .

   You will also find many of their videos on You Tube.

   Once you have gotten to know The Shannons, you will want to know more about The Shannons.
   May God continue to bless their ministry as they travel across the country.  Pray for them, support them, share their music and ministry with others as your way of spreading The Gospel.
   Remember!  The Great Commission applies to you as well as to groups like The Shannons.
   And God blesses those who do His will.




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