Southern Raised was a pleasant surprise for Rick and I at the Quartet Convention.  We were in the main entrance and saw and heart them as they sang for everyone that might be listening.  Everyone was listening.
   I found their style of Bluegrass to be both progressive and very impressive.  Their youth and their talent were readily visible.
   Southern Raised is being featured on 200 radio stations as part of “The Front Porch Fellowship Radio.   

   Some of the stations are listed on their website. To view their web-site and to contact Southern Raised for bookings just click:

   There are also lots of photos and some video.  You’ll like it!I never had the opportunity to interview Southern Raised, but I had the joy of listening to their music. 

   You can listen to their music right here: “This Rock Is Jesus”   and a beautiful rendition of an old favorite: “Just A Closer Walk” .
   For those who may think that Bluegrass is for older people who live in West Virginia or some other southern state, you will be amazed at this fresh, young look at Bluegrass.



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