Donna may be in an identity crisis, but it’s a good identity crisis.
   I first knew her as Donna Beauvais when she was serving in radio promotions with Daywind.  Then Donna was led to begin her own venture with Vertical Sky.
   Within one year, Donna went from Donna Beauvais with Daywind to Donna Beauvais with Vertical Sky to Donna Marie King of Vertical sky with new husband Zane King,  WOW!

   I had the privilige of attending the first Vertical Sky showcase hosted by Donna King.  I experienced something different from previous showcases held by other companies.  What was the difference?  The difference was a focus on ministry above promotion.  It was refreshing.  Donna even referred to it as “church”.  It was.
   Looking at the photos I took at the showcase, you can see the Spirit of God and the dedication all over the face of Donna King.
   I’ve heard this saying much of my life the by their spirit you will know them.  In Galations it tells us: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law”.  In my opinion, Donna fits this criteria.
   Donna mentioned the importance of ministry with music, not just music.
   At the quartet convention there were so many people trying to get a word with Donna.  She is, perhaps, one of the busiest and most sought after person at the convention.  As busy as she was, she made certain she was available for an interview with us. 
   One other observation I have made is what seems to be an increase of joy within someone who already exhibits extreme joy.  I am reminded of the scripture “the joy of the Lord is my strength”.  I’m sure Donna needs the joy and the strength to keep up the pace.




Hear my interview with Donna King!


Hear Donna with Hope’s Call singing:
O Holy Night


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