Channing Eleton is not a new-comer to Gospel Music.  He has worked with and been a part of numerous groups I’m sure you’ve heard of.
   God led Channing to begin his own personal ministry.  He is doing a great job of doing just that.
   I found Channing to be very easy to talk with and I also found it very easy to feel the warm spirit God has given him.
   You might find this difficult to comprehend, but Gospel Artists are not unreachable.

   They are not different.  They are just children of God who have accepted the call of God to do something more than just going to church.  Channing Eleton is indeed one of these people.  He is easy to talk with.  He has a great testimony which you can hear here:  .
   We may not be able, or willing, to join these groups in their mission but we must support them with our prayers, our attendance and not only giving offerings, but purchase their products.  If we do not “go into the world”, then support those who do.
   Channing brings something refreshing to a solo performance.  Is it his experience, his spirit, or both.  I think it is both, but is also coupled with

   God’s blessing on his music and ministry.  One of his songs on the album: “Summer Rains Have Gone” is an exciting song called “Looking To Jesus”.   

   You can hear this song here:   .
   To learn more of Channing Eleton, his music and ministry, click here to visit his website:
   We also congratulate Channing and wife, Christine on their 13th wedding anniverary on July 10, 2012.  Keep up the good work!
   Be sure to support and learn more of Channing Eleton.



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