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   As you might expect, the National Quartet Convention gives opportunity to chat with groups you haven’t seen for awhile.
   My interview with Dean Hopper, of The Hoppers was the first time I have met Dean.
   The Hoppers have been around for over 55 years.  That means Dean must have been born during one of their road trips. 
   Dean offered much insight into the beginnings of The Hoppers as well as tales of early life on the road as Gospel singers.  Listen to the interview with Dean Hopper: .

   When a group lasts as long as The Hoppers and carries the reputation of The Hoppers, that means they must be doing something right.  They are! 
   Dean shared how you do a little of everything.  He started as a drummer and now plays bass and singing.  When you travel hundreds of days a year for over 5 years, you learn a lot.
   To learn more about The Hoppers, visit their website at:  You will also find their schedule at this site and find when they will be in your town.
   When there are so many groups traveling across the country in the name of The Lord, sometimes you wonder which concert to attend and whose product you want to buy.  Obviously, to last for 55 years, the fans must have decided in favor of The Hoppers as one of their favorite groups.  You know, Jesus said “their either for me, or against me”.

With this in mind, it doesn’t matter how many groups there are.  It matters where their hearts are and who they are doing it for.  The Hoppers, indeed, are doing this for God.
I chose the song: “Look For Me Around The Throne” to share with you.  Look For Me Around The Throne: .


Don’t miss an opportunity to hear, and feel, the ministry of The Hoppers.  Once is not enough.  You will experience something new every time.




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