It was great to see Ed Crawford again at the 2012 National Quartet Convention. 
   I last saw Ed when he was with the Original Kingsmen (see photo below).
   Since the days of The Kingsmen, Ed has certainly kept busy.
Now, Ed is in a solo ministry which gives him the privilege of following Gods leading and God’s time-table.

   Those who have known Ed recognize that his heart is as big or bigger than he is.  Ed has a beautiful personality and, like Wil Rogers, has never met a man he didn’t like.  Being born in West Virginia, I recognize the country boy in Ed (he still lives in West Virginia).
   Ed has had over 35 years in full-time Gospel Ministry.  His new album is titled “Heart Of The Matter”.  We have chosen to feature a song from another album titled: “One More River To Cross” .    Here you will hear first hand the ministry God has given to Ed Crawford.
   Below are listed ways you can contact Ed Crawford.  Invite him to minister in your church, or be sure and attend one of his concerts.  You’ll be glad you did!  Just Pick & Click.


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