The Northmen
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I first met Alan Godsey at the 2011 National Quartet Convention.  We met again when our group “God Plus Us” was invited to attend the Northern Gospel Singing Convention in Marion, Indiana.

   We attended and found it to be a very enjoyable time of music and fellowship.  Alan Godsey is the leader and founder of The Northmen.
   The Northmen have had some changes in personnel but the sound and the spirit are still “The Northmen” and Cathy.  Some of the original Northmen joined Alan in their performance in Indians.  They were: Scott Godsey, Alan’s son and Brad Luzadder.  As you can see from the photo below, Brad is a real joy to experience, not only his bright outfit, but also his bright spirit.
   Alan and I talked about the next Convention: The 13th Annual Northern Gospel Singing Convention.  The attenance has grown and they are considering a new location.  As far as I know. things will proceed as usual in the same location.
   One thing that I found in attending my first Convention is that it is more than just a place where singers gather and their fans listen to their performance.  These events are kind of like a fuel stop where the groups and the fans share in fellowship.  A place where stories are shared, blessings are shared and prayer for one another is a common thing.
   I personally find it interesting that these events are closer to what God meant by “gathering together” than what you might find in your average church service.  There is a freedom, a comradery and the true experience of “family”.  These things, these feelings, these emotions are shared by groups like The Northmen.
   If you find an opportunity to attend a concert by The Northmen, by all means, go out of your way to attend.  You’ll be glad you did.  You can help further the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by telling others about the music of The Northmen.   

   You can tell your church that they would be blessed by bringing The Northmen to your church.  You can tell your friends about The Northmen and their ministry.
   To hear more of their music and to learn more about The Northmen and Cathy, visit their web site by clicking here:
   Remember, groups like The Northmen and Cathy are going to all the world, fulfilling “The Great Commission” of spreading The Gospel through their music, their testimony and their spirit.
   Be sure and listen to the interview and their newest song release by clicking below.


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It’s About The Cross


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