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Three Bridges

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Hurting People. . . Who Cares? by Nikki Johnson

Music, Ministry and Money!

4 Letter Words: Words known by all! (HATE - HURT - LOVE - PAIN - FEAR)

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Church! . . To go or not to go? Are we losing interest? by Rick A. Crigger
The Feasts Throughout The Year by Joan Fink - Attorney at law


GRACE! (Mercy, or A Way Out?

 The Grace of Jesus Christ is well known by all.  Where sin abounds, grace abounds more abundantly. The law tells us that which we should not do.  It teaches us what sin is.  Grace goes beyond the law because through the Grace of Jesus Christ, when temptation lures us into sin, if we ask forgiveness, Grace grants us that forgiveness.
 My concern is that sometimes we may use Grace as a way out.  We may think that when we commit a sin willfully that Grace will bail us out.  I believe there is a difference between willful sin and sins we fall into by circumstances and a weak control of ourselves. 
 Could it be that we count on Grace as a way out when we are weak instead of recognizing that Grace is the mercy of God in our times of weakness.
 Weakness is no excuse for sin, but weakness is what we all contend with.  By asking forgiveness, Grace grants the mercy of forgiveness.
 Willfull sin that is committed with the thoughts of being forgiven by Grace may or may not be covered by that grace because we made a willfull choice to sin, not an accidental weakness that Satan lured us into!